Get All USDT Transfers from Binance

Write a whale watcher Discord bot, monitor for larger transfers 🔀 or keep tabs on Binance's exchange reserves with this recipe!

1. Determine the contract address of the USDT token

Simply by going on Etherscan and searching for "USDT", we're able to determine it as 0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7 which we'll set as the contractaddress parameter.

2. Filter by a specific address to watch for

In this case, we're looking to observe one of Binance's hot wallets, also tagged and available on Etherscan.

We'll set the address parameter to 0xdfd5293d8e347dfe59e90efd55b2956a1343963d , which indicates that we'll filter token transfers by this address.

3. Sort by the latest token transfers first

As a preference, we'll set the sort parameter to desc to get the latest transactions first, though you can always get the oldest first by flipping it to asc.

4. Integrate and format token decimals

One thing to note is the token value field is returned in the token's smallest representation, you would have to divide this by the token decimal to get the transfer amount.

An example value of 198000000000 would be represented as the transfer of 198000 USDT.

Final Query

Try this endpoint in your browser 🔗

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