List ETH deposits to Arbitrum Bridge

Create a live data feed of users bridging into a Layer 2 protocol by watching Arbitrum's bridge contract address!

1. Determine the contract address of Arbitrum Bridge

Arbitrum's bridge user deposits are directed to the Arbitrum Delayed Inbox, with the contract address of 0x4dbd4fc535ac27206064b68ffcf827b0a60bab3f.

Setting this as the addressparameter allows us to get the ETH transfers to this address.

2. Sort by the latest transactions first

Set the sort parameter to desc to get the latest transactions first, you can also get the oldest first by flipping it to asc.

3. Filter transaction methods

The method depositEth with method ID of 0x439370b1 can be used to determine an ETH deposit transaction to this contract address.

You may optionally filter by this using your favorite programming language such as JS to separate out other transaction methods.

Final Query

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