Get the Latest Moonbird NFT Transfers

Track the latest NFT token transfers 🖼️ of a specific collection, inclusive of token ID and addresses involved!

1. Determine the contract address of the Moonbird token

Searching "Moonbird" on Etherscan or referencing their official docs, we can determine the token address to be 0x23581767a106ae21c074b2276D25e5C3e136a68b.

Set this as the contractaddress to filter by token transfers from a specific collection, and omit the address parameter to return transfers from any address.

2. Sort by the latest token transfers first

Set the sort parameter to desc to get the latest transactions first, you can also get the oldest first by flipping it to asc.

3. Integrate the token IDs and addresses

Use the to field representing the address the NFT was sent to, and from being the sender of the NFT.

Final Query

Try this endpoint in your browser 🔗

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